Iconic Vintage-Modern Design For Your Home, Workspace, and Business

Amerivend Works founded in 2002, our vision has always been to provide high craftsmanship quality furniture with a mixture of Vintage and Modern styles to fit everyone’s need for your home, workspace, and your business.
Our concept and emphasis are to provide Vintage-Modern furniture piece, with a touch of history and vintage element, built with today’s Neo material to accent your modern home furnishing.
Many of our furniture pieces are timeless replica designs originated from the American and European industrial revolution era.
Amerivend Works’ furniture is fabricated by some of the most talented designers and craftsmen from around the world. We are dedicated to providing high quality, sustainability, and Vintage-Modern design, in every chair, bar stool, and table that we provide.
At Amerivend Works, our furniture is widely utilized in the commercial and residential furniture industry. Our many years of furniture design and sourcing experience enable us to provide our customers products constructed with the finest materials available.
We want your furniture shopping experience with us to be fun and informative, we strive to provide story-line and history for our furniture collection. So you know the material and the design element that was put into making the furniture piece that you buy that accents your home, workspace, and your business.