Multipl's Chair, Marais Dining Chair

This fantastic metal Adjustable Height Dining Chair perfectly reproduces the silhouette of the Multipl's chair designed by engineer Joseph Mathieu in the 1922. Joseph Mathieu designed this strong chair for Les Meubles Multipl's in Lyon Paris. At that time, these chairs were popular in the Parisian bistros and on the Palm Beach in Cannes.

Thoughtful Design on the Chair Legs

A bit different from the famous Tolix Metal Chairs, the legs of the Marais chairs are concave. These adorable tiny timbers on the legs of the Marais Dining Chair always steal the spotlight at first glance. The decoration on the legs of the chair is to prevent children from getting hurt by accident. We've prepared many colors of the Marais series in different heights and seat panels different material. The wooden seat panel can balances the overall color, on the other hand, you can predict to get a more durable seat panel by choosing a metal version.

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