Paris Cafe Patio Bistro Dining Chair

Bonjour! Paris is the largest city in France. After passing cafes and walking through the banks of the Seine River, you will see the sky in Paris is clear blue and sunny, and there is a kind of beauty that moves the heart. When thinking of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the ubiquitous cafes and the iconic wicker rattan chairs are the most evocative items.

Significantly modeled for the brasseries and bistros of Parisian boulevards, these Paris Cafe Chairs are light enough to move around while remaining sturdy and comfortable. They were originally woven from rattan, a fashionable French colonial import from the early 20th century. The time-honored technique of molding and stretching rattan into its shape was perfected by the French in the 1930s. Amerivend Works has replaced the rattan with recycled poly strand weave, making this chair UV and weather-resistant, and more durable as it will not lose its resilience, even under heavy use.

The origin of the Paris Cafe Bistro Chair

If we want to learn the history of bistro chairs, then we should understand the origin of bistros. Born in France in the twentieth century, bistros were originally started by French families offering food and wine to strangers to increase their source of income. As a result, most of these so-called restaurants at the time were small places with a very limited menu selection, but with different daily dishes. The owners are accustomed to displaying the menu on a chalkboard, and the ingredients are usually locally sourced, so prices are usually affordable.

The word bistro is taken from the Russian term 'Bwystra', which means fast. During the Napoleonic Wars, when Russian troops invaded France, they often shouted "Bwystra!" to the owners or waiters to ask for a faster service because they needed to get back on the road asap. Over time, the owners coined the term to label their restaurant as a place that offers fast and efficient service.

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Paris Cafe Patio Bistro Dining Chair

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