S Series Table Base

Round Bases Have More Benefits Than You Can Imagine

The selection of timeless round base: Create uniformity with your other fixtures and appliances. Modern features and durable construction make S Series Table Base perfect for heavy countertops/tabletops such as granite or marble located indoors, outdoors, or at the seaside. You can easily find that the disc-shaped base has fewer curves and shapes, so it can be safer to prevent injuries in case of accidental collisions. In addition, the advantage of choosing a round table base is that it saves a lot of cleaning time, and the simple design makes it less likely to hide dirt and grime.

Suggestions for Choosing a Tabletop

These Commercial Table Bases manufactured by Amerivend Works are compatible with most desktops. Check the detail of the recommendations below for the type of tabletops.

The round dining table is perfect for installation in small spaces. You can move them freely in the space without worrying about hitting the sharp corners. It's suitable for small gatherings of about 4 to 5 people or places in the dining room for a small family.

The oval table is perfect for hosting a dinner party. Attendees will feel close and connected due to the feature of its oval shape.

Square dining tables fit well in small spaces and provide arm support. These work well in small families and bachelor apartments. However, when you need to move the square tabletop, you must pay special attention to the corners of the tabletop to avoid accidental injury when moving it.

Rectangular dining tables perform best in larger spaces or open-air dining areas. If you have a large room, then a rectangular dining table may be able to make it look more elegant.

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