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The first Roset Chair (its original name was the Toledo chair) was designed by Spain's leading designer Jorge Pensi. The unique and lightweight shape made it soon become popular for use in outdoor areas. Jorge Pensi is considered to be one of the leading designers in Spain. Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1946), he studied architecture in his hometown of Buenos Aires before moving to Barcelona. Shortly after graduating, Pensi fled the military dictatorship in Argentina for Catalonia, and after getting Spanish citizenship in 1977, he founded the Barcelona-based design agency Grupo Berengeur with fellow architect and designer Alberto Liévore and theorists Norberto Chaves and Oriol Pibernat.

The Excellent Dining Chair for Outdoors

The Aluminum Dining Chairs have the advantages of sturdiness and durability, sunlight and rust resistance, radiation resistance, strong heat dissipation, lightweight, etc. They can effectively cope with various outdoor environments and still maintain their original shape and performance in all aspects. In addition, under normal use, aluminum dining chairs generally last between 10 and 20 years, which is much better than other outdoor furniture. The Aluminum dining chair is one of the perfect outdoor furniture. However, special attention must be paid to the fact that aluminum products do not have strong corrosion resistance, especially to avoid the problem of fracture caused by a continuous strong impact.

Generally, outdoor exposure does not easily lead to fading of Aluminum Dining Chairs and chairs due to their excellent performance in radiation protection. Furthermore, the aluminum chair has the advantage of fast heat dissipation, so that heat will not be concentrated on the surface of the chairs for a long time, effectively preventing the damage of strong sunlight.

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