Hairpin Barstool

When it comes to hairpin furniture, you're bound to think of its strikingly slim wire legs. You may or may not know that hairpin furniture has been on the planet for over 80 years. Though it still looks fashionable and chic. According to Wikepedia, Henry P. Glass is the man who invented the first hairpin legs in 1941. He was born in Vienna in 1911, and Grass obtained his professional skills as an architect at the Technical University of Vienna in 1936. During the war, he was denounced and been sent to a Nazi concentration camp, where his captors soon noticed his talents and required him to design a cemetery for Nazi officers. Later the war, he immigrated to New York in 1939 and crafted the world's first hairpin leg while working for Russell Wright (a modern American industrial designer).

At Amerivend Works, we crafted our style hairpin barstools more vibrant in color and strengthened the overall strcture by connecting each hairpin legs with spindles. This Hairpin Bar Stool with Solid Wood Seat has an undeniable appeal with the industrial design, it can be match most types of interiors seamlessly. Don't worry about scratching or damaging your floor with this hairpin barstool, Amerivend Works has pre-installed plastic glides on the bottom of each hairpin legs.

Is Hairpin Furniture Still Popular?

Hairpin furniture is still popular until now, due to its fantastic aesthetic features. Many professional designers prefer to use hairpin legs because they are easy to install and have low maintenance costs.

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Hairpin Bar Stool with Solid Wood Seat


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