Ladderback Dining Chair, Slat Back Chair

The slat back chair (also known as ladder back chairs and fiddleback chairs) are named after the horizontal spindles that provide the backrest and support, reminiscent of a ladder. The history of the ladder-back chair can date back to the 17th century, and it can be seen in homes throughout Europe, especially in England, and this trend also blew to the United States, which was then a British colony. By the mid-17th century, luxury furniture manufacturers began to replicate White Ladder Back Dining Chair in walnut, rather than the more common sycamore or maple, and added elaborate decoration and carving patterns. The backs of chairs began to be pierced for ease of handling and became richly decorated. With the continued development of the back slats perforated, began to appear similar in appearance to the sound hole of the violin, this type of chair is also known as the violin back chair.

At Amerivend Works, we have carefully crafted the upholstered slat back chair with durable steel that is strong enough in its overall construction and pre-installed with a soft vinyl cushion to ensure that users are comfortable when sitting on them for long periods. There are two types of ladderback available, one is the three-slat ladder back dining chair and the other is the four-slat ladder back dining chair. They are almost identical except for the most obvious difference between them, which is the number of slats. There is one practical way to use this ladder back chair, you can drop the outer clothing on the back of the chair, and the ears on the chair back can easily support a coat. The lower part of the chair is designed with a U-shaped spindle to enhance the overall strength.

It is worth mentioning that the common Chiavari Wedding Chair is also a member of ladder back chair. Its elegant and classic appearance has always been the first choice for wedding and banquet occasions. From this, we can learn that the evolution of a chair has its own history and context, and its appearance also carries the memories of people's lives at that time. It is indeed a knowledge to choose a dining chair that is most suitable for the current occasion and is appropriate.

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