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The old fashioned kitchens usually occupy a whole room through the wall. In contrast, the open kitchen connects the kitchen, living room and dining room, making the space look more spacious and bright. An open kitchen may be a good solution for small families and those who like larger room.

In most families, the mother cooks alone while other family members can do nothing but wait outside for dinner. This pattern is actually not conducive to the communication between parents and children. The great thing about an open kitchen is that it breaks down the physical walls between rooms and the invisible walls between family members. In addition to converting a traditional kitchen into an open kitchen, it is even possible to vote for a weekly chef in your home so that family members can enjoy the cooking shows during the chef's cooking time. Weekly chef activity also reinforce children's sense of responsibility and is a great way to develop time management skills.

There are many styles of barstools that you can find in Amarivend Works' product collection. We are confident that most of our bar stools can meet the demanding requirements of your imagination for an open kitchen. All barstools are equipped with plastic glides or metal glides to protect the floor surface. If you prefer warm tones, you can refer to those bar stools with wooden seat plates, such as Heron Bar Stool, Sloane Counter Stool and Regent Bar Stool. The Toledo Series Barstools, Auburn Stool, Canary Stool and the Classic 50's Diner Swivel Bar Stool allow you to swivel and adjust the angle of the barstools at any time. Our Whale Tail Stool, Marais and Marais A series can be matched with vintage style space, especially French bistro style decoration.

Considerations for Open Plan Kitchens

Usage Habits
You need to consider your own kitchen habits when designing, such as the placement of kitchen utensils.

Storage Space
There should be enough storage space in the kitchen to keep the space neat and tidy.

Cooking Fume Problem
The big no-no in most open kitchen is the cooking fume, so you will need a quality range hood and the kitchen exhaust system configuration to get good ventilation.

Space Planning
The open kitchen is connected to the living room and can create a visual aesthetic through proper space design.

Barstool Style
The material, shape and color of the barstools will affect the atmosphere of the kitchen. It is recommended that you choose the barstools that are similar in tone to your kitchen.

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