Sloane Dining Chair

In the wake of the pandemic, all the people around the world are wondering when life and business will be normal. But the truth is, we may never return to life as we once knew it. Over the past two years, Covid-19 has wreaked unprecedented havoc on any short- and long-term plan. Even though life is tough, people are still trying to find as much work-life balance as possible in this post-epidemic era.

In recent years, people have begun to consider the need for both living comfort and office space when decorating their homes, mainly because the epidemic in the past two years has changed the way people work and live. The social impact of the Covid-19 not only opened up many modes of online work, but also directly gave rise to the trend of "WFH" for working from home, making the boundary between work and life more and more integrated.

Creating a Flexible and Versatile Living Space

When planning and designing a home, it is often accompanied by a family's expectations and imagination of the future, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, such as the sudden epidemic in the past two years, which is the larggest variable. Therefore, a flexible and multi-functional design with pre-defined space configurations can make it easier to use the space in the home effectively at different stages of life's journey.

The Sense of Ritual Is So Important!

Properly delineating the boundaries of a space is critical. The limited space in your home will inevitably blur the boundaries between life and work. You can choose a height-adjustable swivel chair for working hours and an upholstered dining chair during non-working hours. Amerivend Works' masterpiece of the Toledo collection of dining chairs and bar stools may be your best choice. Another product recommended for WFH is our Sloane dining chair. Its adjustable backrest allows you to adjust the depth of the seat to suit your needs. In addition, changing the color temperature of the desk lamp is also a recommended way. Try to set the desk lamp to cool white 5000K-6500K in working hours and warm white 2000K-3000K after works. Anyone can accomplish this division by having a intellegent desk lamp.

White Is One of the Best Solutions for Walls

How to visually expand the limited space as much as possible? First, you need to choose the right color. Color is the main factor to influence the visualization of whole room. White paint can immediately make a small space look bigger and more open. If you feel white wall get dirty fast, then off-white is also a good option. Off-white is between white and gray, and has the advantages of white and gray, which can effectively harmonize and balance the lightness and darkness of the space. Moreover, the interactive use of white and off-white in the space can make the room more rich in layers and serve as an additional visual amplification.

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