Hermosa Patio Dining Chair

The square and simple silhouette is the first impression of the Hermosa Dining Chair, and the seat panels of the chair are made of PE rattan. It is scratch-resistant and weather-resistant, especially for summer use, and the breathable woven seat holes allow a breeze to pass through, so you won't feel stuffy even after sitting for a long time. Its simple shape makes it easy to match with other styles of outdoor dining tables. Don't hesitate to upgrade your outdoor dining arrangements with this stacking dining chair, which will be perfect for your backyard or porch, allowing you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a tropical atmosphere without leaving your home.

Wicker furniture is one of the oldest varieties of furniture in the world, having first been introduced to Europe by European merchant ships in the 17th century. Baskets made of wicker found in Egypt date back to 2000 B.C., and portraits of eunuchs sitting on wicker chairs are often seen on Roman murals.

In ancient India and the Philippines, people used watercress, rattan, wicker, wood and other materials to make various kinds of furniture, or cut rattan canes into extremely thin and flat rattan strips, edited into various patterns, to make chair backs, cabinet doors or rattan ware. Woven rattan furniture is highly breathable and feels fresh to the touch. The rustic rattan color helps to calm the mind, and if you use as much rattan furniture as possible in the summer bedroom, it will be beneficial to avoid the heat and sleep.

The difference between Wicker Furniture & Rattan Furniture

Most people have the same misconception about rattan and wicker that they are both materials, which is actually only half true. Actually, rattan is a material derived from certain palm trees. Wicker, on the other hand, is a weaving style. While wicker pieces can be made from rattan, they can also be woven from many other natural and synthetic materials, including bamboo, reed, and synthetic resins.

Rattan = A specific material. Rattan furniture is crafted out of rattan only.
Wicker = A method, technique or style to weave furniture. Wicker furniture can be made of natural rattan, bamboo, cane, or any other suitable material.

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